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Catalan artist (1945, Girona)

Enric Ansesa’s works - emphatic, sensitive, with deep aesthetic harmony - remain constant in their use of black. A black that goes beyond light, a black that turns into energy and, at the same time, into space. The constructivist compositions configure dialectics of sign and gesture, often starkly minimalist. This rigorously conceptual work is also seen in the installations as the materialization in space of the artist’s approach. The objectual sculpture is a conceptualisation of retrieved objects, often de-contextualised from their original use or function, in which ideas are materialised.

The artist has held exhibitions at Volart Space (Vilacasas Foundation) in Barcelona, Miró Foundation in Barcelona, Rayuela Gallery in Barcelona, René Metras Gallery in Barcelona, Barcelona Gallery in Barcelona, Theo Gallery in Barcelona, Greca Gallery in Barcelona, Ego Gallery in Barcelona, Francisco Godia Foundation in Barcelona, Imaginart Gallery in Barcelona, Espais Gallery in Girona, 3 i 5 Gallery in Girona, Sebastià Jané Gallery in Girona, Presenta Gallery in Girona, Horizon Gallery in Colera, Palau Solterra (Vilacasas Foundation) in Torroella de Montgrí, Tecla Exhibition Room in Hospitalet del Llobregat, ab Gallery in Granollers, Palau Miramar in Sitges, Tobermory Gallery in Maó, Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Blanquerna Space in Madrid, and Catalejo Gallery in Marbella. In other European countries, he has held exhibitions at Andorra Art Gallery in Andorra la Vella, MR Gallery in Rome, Clive Foster Gallery in Milan, Young Museum in Revere (Italy), Adam’s Art Gallery in Luxembourg, Ceigert Gallery in Basle, Übersse Museum in Bremen, Cervantes Institute in Munich, Stadtgalerie in Salzgitter, Lans Museum in Kristianstad (Sweden), John Hansard Gallery in Southampton, Corner House in Manchester, and Art Sud Gallery in Toulouse. In the United States, he has exhibited in Dalia Tawil Gallery in New York, Quest Gallery in Tampa, Kornblee Gallery in New York, Art Forms Gallery in Red Bank (NJ), Aspen Fine Art Gallery in Aspen, Talk Gallery in Boston, Princeton University in Princeton, Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, Matt Lamb Studios in Chicago, Galerie Elysees in New York, among others.

His work is held in various museums, public institutions, and private collections.

Ansesa’s profound social and cultural awareness led to involvement in his country’s transition to democracy in the late 1970s. He remains committed to asserting Catalan identity, from a critical, rigorous, and supportive position.

He has taken part in numerous contemporary art shows in Spain and other European countries, and his works have rendered homage to many personalities from the world of art and culture: Picasso, Rafael Alberti, Miguel Hernández, Carles Rahola, Pasolini, Miquel Martí Pol, Luís Buñuel, Gaudí, Luís Cernuda, Martin Luther King, etc., frequently contributing to solidarity and cultural recovery causes.

His graphic works, mostly silkscreen, include posters on social and cultural events.

He has created several artist’s books, single copies shown in solo or collective exhibitions.

He has made videos and set designs for ballets.

He has founded and collaborated with a number of art magazines, contributing articles on art and thought. He has also illustrated several publications and poetry books.

His installations, mainly ephemeral, in both indoor and outdoor spaces, have been widely visited and commented. Outstanding installations include “Ritual for 11 September (Catalonia National Day)”, the “Black-Green-Black” garden, “Journey to Hell. One Day in the Warsaw Ghetto”, “Josep Pla and Girona”, “Domus Domini”, "Among the Trees. Homage to Rafael Alberti”, "Paths of the Heart", “Path. Homage to Miquel Martí Pol”, "It Happened in Granada. Homage to García Lorca”, “Going through the Looking-Glass”, “Gate of Light. Homage to Gaudí”, “Wall”, “Memory”, “Universe”, “The Forest of Thought”, among others.

Solo exhibitions: “Persistencies”, Imaginart Gallery, Barcelona. Collective exhibitions: “Pepe Sales Festival. St Teresa of Ávila Festival”, La Mercè Cultural Centre, Girona. “100 years. John Cage, Changes by Chance”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). “20 years of Horizon Gallery”, Colera (Girona). “Art for Ethiopia”, Girona Cultural Centre. Two Artist’s Books: “To John Cage”, single copy and “Ansesa Black Book”, single copy. Prints “Som-hi / Here we Go” silkscreens, 70 copies, and “Flag” silkscreen, 90 copies. Year full of contacts and positionings, with intense self-affirmation. After a period of experimentation, works from the “Fields” series, painstakingly executed on wood, were presented to Horizon and Imaginart galleries. Interesting Artist’s Books: the dense, groundbreaking “Black Book” and the subtle conceptual homage “To John Cage”. Commences “Flags of Freedom” series with two silkscreens.

Collective exhibitions: “Creativity versus Art”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). “Catalan Tapestry School”, Jean-Lurçat Museum, Angers, France. “Visions of a Genius”, Galerie Elysees, New York, USA. “The Shoe and the Fetishisme of the Artist”, Girona Casino. “Crick-Crack Outer Horizon”, J. M. Contemporani Art Space, Barcelona. Participates in Outer Horizons magazine No. 3 with “Creativity versus Art”. Illustrates the cover of “Locus Evelinus”, a book of poetry by Albert Compte published by Llop Ferotge. Prints “Three Crosses” silkscreen, 68 copies. Returns to series on sutures and barbed fields, incorporating burnt and melted metal onto the strict black surfaces. Completes over 5 hours’ recording for “Memory in Black” documentary, revisiting and scanning his concepts, thought, works and influences.

Solo exhibitions: “Ansesa”, Presenta Gallery, Girona. Installations: “Wall”, Joan Riu Centre, Girona. Collective exhibitions: “I Have a Dream”, Matt Lamb Studios, Chicago, IL, USA. "Engraving. Funamment Collection”, San Lluc Artistic Circle, Barcelona. “Catalonia Red Cross Art Collection”, Expocambra, Girona. “Graphics”, Art Exhibition Room, Caixa Manlleu, Vic (Barcelona). “Collage”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). “Art & Scalextric Toy”, Balcli Exhibition Room, Barcelona. “Landscape Atlas”, Girona Cultural Centre. “Contemporary Tapestry”, Catalan Tapestry School, Cultural Centre, Caixa de Terrassa, Terrassa. Puts finishings on a Scalextric car. “Night and Day, the Myth of the St Narcissus’ Flies” sculpture, Girona Journalists’ Association Communication Prize, Girona. Four silkscreens: “Writings”, “Numerations”, “Horizon”, and “Movements” silkscreens, 411 copies, printed by Manpower Foundation. Prints “Dialogue for a Suture” silkscreen, 45 copies. The small calligraphy incisions continue to dialogue with the black matte surfaces. Presenta Gallery presents a series and a sculpture dedicated to those who died during the Spanish Civil War.

Solo exhibitions: “Traces and Signals”, Volart Space, Vila Casas Foundation, Barcelona. “Frequencies”, Ego Gallery, Barcelona. Installations: “Double Helix”, Can Sunyer, Vilajoan (Girona). Collective exhibitions: “Absolute Black and Lessons of Darkness”, Villa Tamaris Art Centre, La Seyne-sur-Mer, France. Raymond Farbos Art Centre, Mont Marsan, France. Eugène Beaudouin Antony, France. “Presences of a Collection”, Caixa Girona Foundation, Fontana d’Or, Girona. “Painting and Sculpture”, Barcelona Gallery, Barcelona. “The Contemporany Tapestry and the Catalan School of Tapestry”, Aymar House, Sant Cugat Museum, Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona). “I Have a Dream”, Gabarron Foundation, New York, USA. Rosa Parks Museum, Montgomery, AL, USA. “Spatiality”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). “Dream on, Little Desire”, Francisco Godia Foundation, Barcelona. Collaborates with “Outer Horizon” magazine, No. 2. “Mythological Meeting (Sunion)” sculpture, now located at Cap Roig Gardens. Sets up “Sunion” studio in Parc Art sculpture park, Cassà de la Selva (Girona). Prints “One hundred years” silkscreen. “Traces and Signals”, a conceptual approach to space and time in his own works, poses the installation of the exhibition as a work in itself. Experiments with black-patina stainless steel on “Sunion” sculptures.

Solo exhibitions: “Presences”, Official Decorators’ Association, Girona. “Art and Thought”, Can Sunyer, Vilajoan (Girona). “Studies, Projects and Drawings”, Andorra Art Gallery, Andorra. Installations: “Miracle, 100 Bonart magazines”, Fontana d’Or, Girona. “Projections”, Fontana d’Or, Girona. “Recreative Science, Homage to Estalella”, Fontana d’Or, Girona. Collective exhibitions: “Berliner list 2008”, Ego Gallery, Barcelona. “Time and Chance”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). “Projections, Interior with Artist”, Fontana d’Or, Girona. Madrid Art Fair, stand for Principal Gallery, Madrid. “Magazines” sculpture. Prints “Black Signals” silkscreen, 74 copies. Writes “Art and Life” text for Outer Horizons magazine. Poster for 45th Girona Hiking and Sports Group (GEiEG) climb to Els Àngels. At Can Sunyer he experiments in spatial concepts with opposing elements, unified by black.

Solo exhibitions: “Black Vitrubi”, Palau Miramar, Sitges (Barcelona). “Ansesa, Virtual Exhibition” SIES TV. Installations: “Bertrana, 40 years”, Fontana d’Or, Girona. “125 years of La Vanguardia newspaper”, Fontana d’Or, Girona. Collective exhibitions: “Sculpture and Painting”, Barcelona Gallery, Barcelona. “Black and White”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). Prints “Written between Night and Dawn” silkscreen, 74 copies. “Out of Diversity” graphic work published by the Federation of Girona Business Organisations (FOEG), 350 copies. Subtle recycling of manipulated objects into sculptures finished in black with small gold incisions. Part of the radical black of the painting fills with small legible or illegible calligraphy.

Installations: “The Forest of Thought”, INART Art Fair, Girona Trade Fair Centre. “Bishop Margarit”, Fontana d’Or, Girona. Collective exhibitions: “Between Silences”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). “Papers from the End of the Millenium”, Catalonia Public Library, Barcelona. “Light and volume”, Greca Gallery, Barcelona. Makes a film about Bishop Margarit. Prints “Path of Words” silkscreen. Makes an etching to illustrate “Papers from the End of the Millenium” text by Francesc Torralba. “The Forest of Thought” installation is the culmination of his aesthetic and his black, enhanced by space and volume, where the shadow of the black becomes light.

Solo exhibitions: Catalejo Gallery, Marbella. “Works”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). Temporary Room, Palau Solterra, Vila Casas Foundation, Torroella de Montgrí (Girona). Installations: “Memory”, Caixa de Girona Foundation, INART Art Fair, Girona Trade Fair Centre. “Universe”, Fontana d’Or, Girona. “The Discovery (Columbus and the Taínos)”, Fontana d’Or, Girona. Collective exhibitions: “Myth, Work and Art in the Gavà Venus”, Hervás-Amezcua Foundation for the Arts, Gavá. “Walter Benjamin Ex-Libris”, Sort Public Library, Sort (Lleida). Kutxa Bilbao-Bizkaia Exhibition Room, Bilbao. “Haute Lisse”, Contemporary Art Collection, Girona City History Museum. “Reading Point”, Modernist Room, Caixa de Sabadell, Sabadell (Barcelona). “The Artist and the Sardana Dance”, Cerdà Museum, Puigcerdà (Girona). Founder member of “Outer Horizons” magazine. Publishes “Looking is not Seeing” text and designs the cover of first issue. Publishes “As an Introit” text in Ansesa exhibition catalogue, Catalejo Gallery, Marbella (Malaga). Prints “Outer Horizons” silkscreen, 75 copies. Prints “We the People” silkscreen, 77 copies. Continues his involvement with the social functions of art and maintains the radicalism of black.

Installations: “Wall”, Serra&Mota stand, Alimentaria Trade Fair, Barcelona. “Living in the Palace” Homage to Paolo Ucello, Fontana d’Or, Girona. Archaelogy Society, Montpellier, France. Collective exhibitions: “Lídia Rediviva”, L’Amistat Museum, Cadaqués (Girona). “Visions of Desire”, La Riba Gallery, Cadaqués (Girona). Abelló Museum, Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona). Luzán Exhibition Room, CAI Savings Bank, Zaragoza. “The Arrival of Pop Art to Catalonia”, Art Museum, Girona. “Everything Can Be Done with Paper”, Greca Gallery, Barcelona. Foundation Collection, Can Mario, Vila Casas Foundation, Palafrugell (Girona). Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). Prints “Acid Rain” silkscreen, 96 copies. Illustrates “Don’t Look into my Eyes in the Dark” book of poetry by Imma Morente, Edicions Comarcal, Alella (Barcelona). Uses black and white projections for the installations, reinforced by reflectant background. Continues to use compelling black lines over black.

Collective exhibitions: “Homage to Luís Cernuda”, Caixa de Galicia Foundation, Santiago de Compostela. “Today’s Art from Tapestry Onwards”, Leather Art Museum, Vic (Barcelona). “Horizon + 10”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). “Art and Research for Diabetes” Palau Robert, Barcelona. “Let’s Kill Each Other. Art for after a War” Girona Cultural Centre. “Between Illusion and Limit”, Barcelona Gallery, Barcelona. “Avant-Garde Painting”, AC Gallery, Olot (Girona). “Everything Can Be Done with Paper”, Greca Gallery, Barcelona. Makes “Beyond the Light” folder with five silkscreens and one text. Prints “Five-Point Suture” silkscreen. Starts “After Fontana” series, with an imaginary incision that turns into sutures by introducing metallic elements that sew up the incisions. Mostly large formats in matte blacks, with shining lines suggesting incisions, superimposed by sewn-on metallic fragments.

Solo exhibitons: “Presences beyond the Light”, Sant Nicolau chapel, Girona City Council, Girona. “Door of Light – Homage to Gaudi” installation, Caixa Girona Foundation, Fontana d’Or, Girona. Designs the Serra&Mota stand for Alimentaria Trade Fair, Barcelona. Writes an article entitled “Dalí” for Bon Art magazine, May 2002. Collective exhibitions: Muvim, Valencia, Government of Valencian Community, “Memory of Dreams. Dalí” and “Portrait of JFK”. Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona), “Visions in Black”. “25 years of 3 i 5 Gallery”, Platja d’Aro (Girona). “Art for Arteriosclerosis”, Girona Cultural Centre. “Homage to Luís Cernuda”, Ópera Gallery, Sitges, (Barcelona). “Homage to Gaudí” on cover of Bon Art magazine. “Images of Dalí – Portrait of JFK”. Benalmádena Exhibition Centre, (Málaga). Prints “Portrait of my Mother” silkscreen, an opuscule in memory of his mother. Continues to work on the idea of the practice of art as a concept. Maintains social radicalism and criticism through strict use of black.

Installations: “Going through the Looking-Glass”, Ibiza Cultural Centre, Ibiza. Maó Cultural Centre, Maó, Minorca. Enagistes Tower, Manacor, Majorca. “Presence and Memory to JF”, Fontana d’Or, Caixa de Girona Foundation, Girona. “Black Path”, La Grande Bleue Gallery, Dudelange, Luxembourg. Horizon Gallery – New Art 2001, Barcelona. Collective exhibitions: “The Golden Age. Homage to Luis Buñuel”, Castelldefels Exhibition Room, Castelldefels (Barcelona). Opening Exhibition, Morandi Art Gallery, Girona. “The Conquest of Space”, Horizon Art Gallery, Colera (Girona). Alicante Fish Market, Government of Valencian Community: “Memory of Dreams. Portrait of JFK”. “Contemporary Artists”, Museum in Motion (MIM), Castello di San Pietro, Piacenza, Italy. Designs the poster for St Narcissus Fair, Girona. “Doble Cross” silkscreen. Publishes “Garden Man” in A1 magazine, Vol 2. Designs cover of Girona City Council colour chart. Publishes “Far from the river above the fog, we walk in silence” from J. Faixó catalogue, Caixa de Girona Foundation. Publishes “Presence and memory of J. Faixó” in El Punt newspaper, Girona. Develops his conceptual sense of space in the installations. The works maintain their radicalism with tense minimalistic constructions.

Solo exhibitions: “Black Horizon”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). Installations: “Going through the Looking-Glass”, Sa Quartera Art Centre, Inca, Majorca. Collective exhibitions: “In Pencil”, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid. “Homage to Walter Benjamin”, Art Contrast Gallery, Barcelona. “The Poet’s Hand”, Church of Sant Pere, Ripoll (Girona). “Homage to Rafael Alberti”, Empordà Museum, Figueres (Girona). La Carbonera Exhibition Room, Olot (Girona). Art Museum 2000, Vila Casas Foundation, Torroella de Montgrí (Girona). “Memory of Dreams. Dalí. Portrait of JFK”, Andorra Government Exhibition Room, Andorra. “Homage to Rafael Alberti”, Fontana d’Or, Caixa Girona Foundation, Girona. “The Golden Age. Homage to Luis Buñuel”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). “Memory of Dreams. Dalí. Portrait of JFK”, Amarica Exhibition Room, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava). “Calligraphy versus Typography”, Llucià Homs Gallery, Barcelona. “Boxes for the 15th Anniversary”, Greca Gallery, Barcelona. “The Poet’s Hand”, Agricultural Museum, Városliget Vajdahunyadvár, Budapest, Hungary. Designs the Serra&Mota stand for Alimentaria Trade Fair, Barcelona. Collaborates with A-1 magazine, No. 1. “Black Horizon” and “Gold Rain” silkscreens. His works return to ultraflat blacks and luminous black. Incisions appear in large canvases revealing shining minimal black lines, creating tension through suggestive order.

Installations: “Path. Homage to M. Martí Pol”, Fontana d’Or, Caixa Girona Foundation, Girona. Blanquerna Gallery, Government of Catalonia, Madrid. “In Out Reservation” for “Sioux, Imaginary Redskins” exhibition. Museum of the Americas, Madrid. Astur Caja, Oviedo (Asturias). “Going through the Looking-Glass”, Fontana d’Or, Caixa Girona Foundation, Girona. Collective exhibitions: “The End of the Beginning”, Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). “Homage to the Petite Galerie of the Alliance Française”, Jaume Morera Art Museum, Lleïda. “Homage to Rafael Alberti”, Niebla Foundation, Casavells (Girona). “Art-quelarre”, San Mario Gallery, Barcelona. Writes a text for “Going through the Looking-Glass” installation. Blacks continue to evolve, damp textures disappear. State-of-the-art industrial materials applied to installations.

Installations: "Paths of the Heart", Fontana d'Or, Caixa Girona Foundation, Girona. "It Happened in Granada. Homage to García Lorca”, Fontana d'Or, Caixa Girona Foundation, Girona. Presentation of “Portrait of JF Kennedy” in "The Gaze of a Genius. Salvador Dalí 1904-1989” exhibition. Café Español, Oviedo (Asturias). Collective exhibitions: Barcelona Gallery, Barcelona. Writes an introduction for "Memory of 25 years. Fontana d'Or" exhibition catalogue. Fontana d'Or, Caixa Girona Foundation, Girona. Writes the text for the “Paths of the Heart” installation catalogue, Caixa Girona Foundation, Girona. Writes "Five Evenings, Twenty Hours Shared with Francesc Torres” Municipal Exhibition Rooms, Girona. Guest participation at the International Congress on Alzheimer’s disease with the text “Imaginary Chronicle of a Fact." Creates the graphics for Colomer-Sanz Foundation. Begins participation in Ona Girona radio debates. Death of painter Jaume Faixó, great friend and colleague. Writes several articles on Faixó. Participates in the academic ceremony organized by Salt Town Council to mark the occasion of the death of Faixó. Maintains dialectical tension between the shades of black reappearing in damp textures. The installations reflect the subtleness and conceptual fullness of his work.

Solo exhibitions: "Pictorial Iberia” Antico Palazzo della Pretura, Castell'Arquato, Italy. Tití Tapiola Gallery, Empuriabrava (Girona). "Josep Pla and Girona" installation, Fontana d'Or, Caixa Girona Foundation, Girona. "Domus Domini" installation, Fontana d’Or, Caixa Girona Foundation, Girona. "Among the Trees. Homage to Rafael Alberti” installation, Fontana d’Or, Caixa Girona Foundation, Girona. Collective exhibitions: “ES Collection”, Art Space, Montbrió spa, Montbrió (Tarragona). "Art for the Heart", Palau Robert, Barcelona. "One Hundred Ex-Libris. Homage to Walter Benjamin" Andorra Governement Exhibition Room, Andorra la Vella, Andorra. "Art for the Heart", Banco Bilbao Vizcaya (BBV) Exhibition Room, Barcelona. "Pictorial Iberia" Forte Crest, Milan, Italy. "Papers", Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). "Pictorial Spain", Cervantes Institute, Milan, Italy. "Remembering Algol: 50th Anniversary" Greca Gallery, Barcelona. "Small Format", Barcelona Gallery, Barcelona. Designs an original for a collection of coasters for the Friends of Montsoriu Castle, Edicions Font de les Agudes, Arbúcies (Girona). Member of the jury for brainstorming project on the colour of the façades overlooking the River Ter, at Ripoll (Girona). Writes an article for an homage to Carles Muñoz Espinalt "Don Carlos Muñoz Espinalt, from Memory," Edicions Muñoz Espinalt, 1997, Barcelona. Dialectic between damp and reflecting blacks, underlining a spirit of minimalism.

Solo exhibitions: "Pictorial Spain” Palazzo Ducale Revere, Italy. Collective exhibitions: Ex-Libris Homage to Walter Benjamin", Bonastruc ça Porta Centre, Girona. “Avui Newspaper Art Collection", Palau Bofarull, Reus, (Tarragona). "18th anniversary” Ab Gallery, Granollers (Barcelona). "Artists and the Sardana Dance", Girona Cultural Centre. "Centenary of Puccini's La Bohème" Horizon Gallery, Colera (Girona). "Homage to Walter Benjamin: 100 Ex-Libris by Spanish Artists”, Cervantes Institute, Bremen, Germany. Cervantes Institute, Munich, Germany. "From Figure to Energy", Young Museum, Revere, Italy. Participates in Bologna Art Fair in collaboration with D’Ars Diagonal Art. The Young Museum in Revere adds one of his works to its collection. Writes an article for "Pep Colomer after the Eclipse" exhibition catalogue, Girona Art Museum. Writes the introduction "The Painter and the District" for Augustí Gironella exhibition catalogue, Caixa Girona Foundation, Watercolour Association. Damp signs appear within the black of his works.

Solo exhibitions: "Spaces for Black", Blanquerna, Government of Catalonia, Madrid. “Journey to Hell (One Day in the Warsaw Ghetto)” installation. Fontana d’Or, Girona. Collective exhibitions: "Geometries of Outrage" Greca Gallery, Barcelona. "Contemporary Catalan Art” Espace Belleville Confédération française démocratique du travail (CFDT), Corum de Montpellier, Montpellier, France. Palau de Carlemany, Girona. "Postal Art" Municipal Art School, Girona. "Tribute to Enric Marquès" La Caixa, Llagostera (Girona). “Avui Newspaper Art Collection" Palau de la Diputació, Tarragona. "Artists and the Sardana Dance" Couvent des Minims, Perpignan, France. First biennial of the Private Foundation for Disabled Persons in Vallès Oriental, Sant Jordi Exhibition Room, Granollers (Barcelona). Designs Manaies of Girona Brotherhood poster for the city’s Holy Week processions. Illustrates a page of "Solidarity", published by Anaya. Signs continue to darken, with slightly metallic tones in grey nuances, incorporated into the unremitting matte black.

Solo exhibitions: Barcelona Gallery, Barcelona. Greca Gallery, Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain (FIAC), Paris. Collective exhibitions: “Against Hunger”, Mans Unides NGO, Girona. “Nineteen Artists in Homage to Miró”, Fontana d’Or, Girona, “Catalan Wave”, Catalonia Incògnita, Corner House, Manchester, England. Ceigert Gallery, Basle, Switzerland. Girona City History Museum. Contemporary Art Collection. “Ex-Libris in Homage to Walter Benjamin”, Horizon Art Gallery, Colera (Girona). “Avui Newspaper Art Collection”, Contemporary Art Centre, Barcelona. “75 years of Art in Girona”, Fontana d’Or, Girona. “Testimony Collection”, Caixa de Pensions Foundation, Barcelona. Takes part in “Plastic arts in the media” conference organized by the Journalists’ Association, Fontana d’Or, Girona. His work continues with blacks and large textured sign elements, in a struggle with his own articulation. Gradual darkening of metallic tones into absolute black.

Solo exhibition: Tecla Exhibition Room, Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Collective exhibitions: Contemporary Art Show, Sabadell Contemporary Art Museum (Barcelona). “19 Artists in Homage to Miró”, Andorra Governement Exhibition Room, Andorra. “To Miró, We Deepen our Gaze”, Greca Gallery, Barcelona. "Catalonia incognita", Winchester School of Art, Winchester, England. John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, England. Caja Madrid Cultural Centre, Barcelona. Runs a seminar-workshop on painting at Mercè Cultural Centre, Girona. Prints “The Verdigris does not Conceal the Registers of Last Spring” silkscreen, Edicions Bertó, Barcelona. Publishes “Calligraphy” text in the “In Homage to Miró” exhibition catalogue, organized by the Government of Andorra. Continues to develop calligraphy and sign elements on black backgrounds, with textures in tones of bronze.

Solo exhibitions: Fidel Aguilar Exhibition Room, Girona. Collective exhibition: “Against Racism”, Friends of the Unesco Club (CAUM), Unesco, Madrid. Travelling art exhibition. Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona, “Artists with the Catalan Olympic Committee (COC)”. New materials added over the black. Green and metallic tones predominate in the symbols and calligrafy.

Solo exhibitions: “Made in Princeton”, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA. Collective exhibitions: Edicions Bertó, ab Gallery, Granollers (Barcelona). Stadtgalerie, Salzfitter, Germany. Lives and works for six months in Harrison St, Princeton. Experiments with new materials, looking for the perfection of the imperfect in its radical concept. Colour is integrated into the black. Publishes “Made in Princeton” exhibition catalogue, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. Publishes text for J. Colomer exposition catalogue, Girona City Council. Publishes text for a book on López Pousa, Barcelona. Moves his studio to Carrer Caputxins, Girona.

Solo exhibitions: Art Sud Gallery, Toulouse, France. Clive Foster Gallery, Milan, Italy. Mercè Ettinghausen Gallery, La Pera (Girona). “The Garden” installation, Clive Foster Gallery, Milan, Italy. Collective exhibitions: “In your Life”, Espais Art Centre, Girona. “Once upon a Time”, Sebastià Jané Gallery, Girona. “Europe in Search of an Identity”, Sebastià Jané Gallery, Barcelona. “Music and Painting”, Wöltingerode Monastery, Niedersachsen, Germany. The works return to black, their orthodoxy enriched with greater freedom. Composition exists, but less rigid. Various stays in Milan. Publishes “Beyond the Calligraphy Garden”, Clive Foster Gallery catalogue, Milan, Italy. Edicions Bertó print experimental silkscreens.

Solo exhibitions: MR Gallery, Rome, Italy. Sebastià Jané Gallery, Girona. ab Gallery, Granollers (Barcelona). Collective exhibitions: North Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA, USA. Talk Gallery, Boston, MA, USA. Clive Foster Gallery, Milan, Italy. Art Gallery, Boca Ratón, FL, USA. “Very Fast” collection, ab Gallery, Granollers (Barcelona). “Art Collection”, Xarxa Cultural, Palais des Rois de Majorque, Perpignan, France. Margarita Nelken Cultural Centre, Coslada (Madrid). “Homage to Carlos Mensa”, Sebastià Jané Gallery, Girona. “Testimony” collection, Caixa de Pensions Foundation. Barcelona. Stay in Rome. The works are once more dominated by black, with inserted colour. New struggle to move forward. Experiments with eliminating the black, giving the same elements over to light and colour. Publishes “Reflexions on Painting” exhibition catalogue at Sebastià Jané Gallery, Girona

Solo exhibitions: Espais Art Centre, Girona. Tobermory Gallery, Maó, Minorca. International Painting Collection, Barcelona. Andorra Art Gallery, Andorra. “Black-Green-Black” garden installation, Espais Art Centre, Girona. Collective exhibitions: “Government of Catalonia Art Collection”, Girona Cultural Centre. “Grey and Black”, Sebastià Jané Gallery, Girona. “Maó Harbour”, Tobermory Gallery, Maó, Minorca. International Fine Arts Limited, Bellmore, NY, USA. Subdued colour still incorporated in the works. Figurative references appear, radicalized by strict composition and execution. Starts making calligraphy gardens with grass or vegetal elements. Publishes “Black and Grey, Grisa i Negra”, catalogue of “Grey and Black” exhibition, Sebastià Jané Gallery, Girona.

Solo exhibitions: Art Forms Gallery, Red Bank, NJ, USA. Sebastià Jané Gallery, Girona. Collective exhibitions: Aspen Fine Art Gallery, Aspen, CO, USA. TR Rogers Gallery, Beverly Hills, California, USA. “Avant-Gardes Recuperated”, Sebastià Jané Gallery, Girona. Theo Gallery, Barcelona. “Homage to Pasolini”, Gosé Gallery, Lleida. “For Liberation”, Übersse Museum, Bremen, Germany. Lans Museum, Kristianstad, Sweden. Pure colour incorporated over the black. The “Converses” series reflects a major effort in his struggle with colour. Publishes “Notes about art” in Qüern magazine, No. 5 and “Idea as model”, Quadern d’Art magazine, No 3, Espais Art Centre, Girona. Sebastià Jané prints “Converses” silkscreen.

Solo exhibitions: “Studies and Drawings”, Vicens Vives Job Centre, Girona. Collective exhibitions: Sherover Theatre Jerusalem, Israel, “Government of Catalonia Art Collection”. “25th anniversary Miró award”, Miró Foundation, Barcelona. Theo Gallery, Barcelona. ab Gallery, Granollers (Barcelona). “Catalonia, Art Centre”, Girona City History Museum. “Girona and the River Onyar”, Caixa de Pensions, Girona. “Homage to Pasolini”, Barcelona University. Scramel Space, EEC, Brussels, Belgium. Symbolic elements and figurative references over the black. Maintains incorporation of colour.

Solo exhibitions: Dalia Tawil Gallery, New York, USA. ab Gallery, Granollers (Barcelona). Massanet Gallery, Figueres (Girona). Collective exhibitions: “Seventeen Girona Artists”, Albi Museum, France. “Homage to Picasso,” Cadaqués Gallery, Cadaqués (Girona). Massanet Gallery, Figueres (Girona), 3 i 5 Gallery, Girona. ab Gallery, Granollers (Barcelona). “Art Collection” (travelling exhibition), Xarxa Cultural. Dalia Tawil Gallery, New York, USA. Kornblee Gallery, New York, USA. Black works with large materic calligraphy. Incorporates colour and some collage elements. Member of the Plastic Arts Commission at the Second Congress of the Catalan Language. Lives and works during the spring in West End Avenue, New York. Designs 11 September (Catalonia National Day) cover page for Avui newspaper.

Collective exhibitions: Quest Gallery, Tampa, FL, USA. Dalí Museum, St Petersburg, FL, USA. Zwinger Gallery, Germany. Oldenburg University, Germany. “Solidarity with Uruguay”, Palau Meca, Barcelona. Cadaqués 3 Gallery, Cadaqués (Girona). "Girona Art Show ", Government of Andorra Exhibition Room, Andorra. “Seventeen Girona artists”, Girona City History Museum. Direction (with Faixó, Fuses and Viader) of the second phase of the renovation of the façades of the River Onyar houses, Girona. Colour research project for the PERI regulations for St Daniel Valley (Girona). Catalan Art Critics’ Association (ACCA) Award. Colour renovation project (with Faixó and Valls) for Plaça Can Mariner Square, Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona). Artist’s Book “Process”, single copy. Spends time in Paris. More symbols incorporated into the works, now covering larger areas.

“Black Omelette and its Conceptualised Interactions", La Lluna Restaurant, Girona. "Line of Fire” (with Faixó), Els Àngels Sanctuary (Girona), in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Catalan Renaixença cultural movement, Government of Catalonia. Collective exhibitions: “The Journey”, Miró Foundation, Barcelona. Pontevedra Biennale. “Homage to Miquel Martí Pol”, Labour Day, Barcelona. La Sirena Gallery, Cadaqués (Girona). Sant Cugat (travelling) Art Show. Colour project for the Special and Interior Reform Plan (PERI) regulations for the Old Quarter in Girona. Research Fellowship from the Government of Catalonia. Direction and supervision of the first phase of the renovation of the façades of the River Onyar houses. Presents a report on “The social and professional enviroment of the artist” at “Debate on Art in Catalonia” congress. Board member of the Trade Union Federation of Visual Artists in Catalonia (FSAPC). Works intensify with symbols incorporated into the matte-gloss dialectic.

Designs the scenery and costumes for "Let’s Go In" ballet by Barcelona Eixample Experimental Ballet Company (BEDEB), directed by Consol Villaubí and staged at Montjuïc Convention Centre, Barcelona. Presents “Aesthetic-conceptual proposal charting an urban stretch of the River Onyar and its reflections” video at Arco Art Fair, Madrid. Collective exhibitions: 3 i 5 Gallery, Girona and ARCO, Madrid. “Marsà Foundation. Graphic work”, Fontana d'Or, Girona. "Plastic Arts 50-80", Government of Catalonia, Barcelona Convention Centre. “Proposal for a Collection”, 3 i 5 Gallery, Girona. Works with synthetic supports using subtle lines of colour. Colour studies and projects (with Faixó) for the Fuses-Viader renovation of the façades of the houses overlooking the River Onyar, Girona. Publishes “Night Watch with Candles” for Quim Bosch exhibition catalogue, La Lluna Restaurant, Girona.

Solo exhibitions: 3 i 5 Gallery, Girona. Delta Gallery (with Faixó and Espigolé), Camprodon (Girona). “Ritual for 11 September (Catalonia National Day)” (with Faixó), Fontana d’Or, Girona. “Ritual for 11 September (Catalonia National Day)” installation, Cathedral steps, Girona. “Black on Black” ballet (BEDEB), Girona Municipal Theatre. “Imaginary Space for a Representation of the Teatre Experimental Independent Experimental Theatre (TEI)” installation (with Corominas, Costa and Faixó), Plaça del Vi, Girona. “Sequences in Black” film. “Aesthetic-conceptual proposal charting an urban stretch of the River Onyar and its reflections” video (with Bonaventura, Faixó and Nogué). Collective exhibitions: “Mail Art" Rosamilia Gallery, Castello S. Giorgio, Italy. Vitiello Gallery, Naples, Italy. Massanet Gallery, Figueres (Girona). “Artists’ Books”, Metrònom Gallery, Barcelona. “Current Girona Art Show”, Perpignan Convention Centre, France. Black sculptures with conceptualised objects. Artist’s Book “Memoir in Black”, single copy. Artist’s Book “Composition Studies: Homage to Fra Luca Paccioli di Borgo”, single copy. Publishes “A propos of the homage to Rafael Masó” in Los Sitios newspaper, 22 February, and “Signposting, a vehicle for sociocultural comunication” in Punt Diari newspaper, 2 September. Collaborates with “Punt-Visió”, the first TV programme broadcast from Girona.

Solo exhibitions: René Metras Gallery, Barcelona. Esplai Exhibition Room, Cultural Department, Calella (Barcelona). Designs the scenery and costumes for "Black on Black" ballet by Barcelona Eixample Experimental Ballet Company (BEDEB), directed by Consol Villaubí and staged at Bartrina Theatre, Reus Tarragona), Casal Theatre, Mataró (Barcelona), Miró Foundation, Barcelona, and Santa Creu Hospital courtyard, Barcelona. Collective exhibitions: “Contemporary Painting”, René Metras Gallery, Barcelona. “Projects for a Ballet”, Miró Foundation, Barcelona. “Barcelona. Postal Show”, Metrònom Gallery, Barcelona. Inaugural exhibition, Catalan Countries Museum, Banyoles (Girona). “Current Plastic Arts from Girona”, Institut Vell, Girona. “Panorama of the 1980s”, 3 i 5 Gallery, Girona. Punt Diari newspaper art show, Fontana d’Or, Girona. Deeper black and use of glossy black. Works on scenography for Consol Villaubí. Publishes “The renovation of Girona School of Fine Arts” in Punt Diari newspaper, 12 March. “520 Points on Black” silksceen.

Solo exhibitions: Rayuela Gallery (with Corominas and Faixó), Barcelona. San Angelo Gallery (with Faixó and Torres Monsó), Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona). Founds "Art-actitud” magazine with Corominas, Faixó, and Gispert. Collective exhibitions: Totem Gallery, Barcelona, “Catalan Plastic Art, Generation of 66", Architects’ Association, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands). Inaugural exhibition, Cadaqués Museum, Cadaqués (Girona). “Twelve Catalan Painters”, 3 i 5 Gallery, Girona. “Festival of Letters”, Ciento Gallery, Barcelona. “Small Format”, Cànem Gallery, Castelló de la Plana. Paints black on black, strict radical works. Matter organised as gesture. The paintings move towards a constructive, gestural synthesis with a minimalist concept. First silkscreen prints.

Solo exhibitions: 3 i 5 Gallery, Girona. Academy of Fine Arts, Space 2, Sabadell (Barcelona). “Four x 3 i 5” (with Corominas, Faixó and Gisbert), 3 i 5 Gallery, Girona. Collective exhibitions: “Art and Medicine“, 3 i 5 Gallery, Girona. “Catalan Plastic Art, Generation of 66", Fontana d'Or, Girona. "Homage to Abbot Escarré", Escarré International Centre for Ethnic Minorities and Nations (CIEMEN), Fontana d'Or, Girona. Radical black backgrounds. Constructive compositions with gestural elements.

Solo exhibitions: Benlliure Gallery, Valencia. Action for 11 September (Catalonia National Day), ADAG, Girona. Poster for 11 September (Catalonia National Day). Poster for Girona Festival, Girona City Council. Collective exhibitions: “Homage to Xirinacs”, Miró Foundation, Barcelona, and Contemporary Art Museum, Granollers (Barcelona). “We Want the Statute (of Autonomy)”, ADAG. Fidel Aguilar Exhibition Room, Girona. The black background of the paintings becomes more defined, and the composition structure becomes tighter. Numbers and letters are incorporated.

Foundation of ADAG (Democratic Assembly of Girona Artists). “Human Rights Now” manifesto, ADAG. “Human Rights Now" action, ADAG, Girona Cultural Centre. Poster for summer school, ADAG, Girona. Collective exhibition: Avui newspaper art collection, Miró Foundation, Barcelona. Fontana d’Or, Girona. "Homage to Miguel Hernández", Orihuela (Alicante). "Homage to Rafael Alberti", Gaspar Exhibition Room, Barcelona. “Homage to Carles Rahola”, Fidel Aguilar Exhibition Room, Girona, Cadaqués Casino, Cadaqués (Girona) and Miró Foundation, Barcelona. "Amnesty and Human Rights", Miró Foundation, Barcelona. "Homage to the Hiking Centre of Catalonia (CEC)", Saló del Tinell, Barcelona. Year marked by intense collective projects generated by the ADAG. First black paintings with white calligraphy.

Collective exhibitions: “22 Avant-Garde Authors”, Plaça Catalunya, Girona. “Contemporary Artists from Girona”, San Telmo Museum, San Sebastián. “Solidarity with the People of Spain”, Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden. “Getting to Know Catalan Art”, Emporium Gallery, Maureillas, France. First calligraphy paintings on grey and black backgrounds. Concern for order and composition. Intense public activity during the Spanish transition period to democracy. .

Solo exhibitions: Art Gallery, Pals (with Faixó). Collective exhibitions: “Sculpture Show”, Caixa de Pensions Exhibition Room, Girona. Bound sculptures in black, mainly imaginative portraits. The spatial concept of matter comes together in his works. First black painting. Sets up a studio in Carrer de Santa Clara, Girona, overlooking the Pont de Pedra (Stone Bridge).

Solo exhibitions: Gallery La Gabia, Girona. International Gallery, Girona. PetitSolo exhibitions: La Gàbia Exhibition Room, Girona. Internacional Gallery, Girona. Petite Galerie, Alliance Française, Lleida. Collective exhibitions: "Small Format", Fidel Aguilar Exhibition Room, Girona. "First Art Show", Fontana d'Or, Girona. "Homage to Picasso", Voltes d’en Rosés Gallery, Girona. First public actions. Starts working on matter with a spatial concept of landscape.

Solo exhibitions: Bürdeke Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland. Collective exhibitions: Juan Herrera Art Institute, Santander. "Eleven Girona Artists" Girona Municipal Art Gallery. Camallera Cultural Centre, Camallera (Girona). “Contemporary Art Show”, Graus (Huesca). Last paintings on Girona, with very dark figurative references.

1962 a 1971
Formative years. Studies painting and sculpture. Works with ceramics and paints his first watercolours. In 1962, paints his first abstract calligraphy, still using figurative subjects. Lives in Barcelona and Girona and makes his first trips to Europe. Works with figurative references, using dark blues and blacks with contrasting whites. Sets up a studio on Carrer de l’Angel, Barcelona. Collective exhibitions: "First Spanish Encounter of Contemporary Art". Barcelona City Council, Diagonal underground station, Barcelona, 1971. Palazzo di Caserta, Naples, Italy, 1971.

Born in Sant Daniel, Girona.