Enric Ansesa Gironella

Catalan artist, born in Girona in 1945.

The conceptual and formal constants in his work imbue it with personality and great strength, while striving for aesthetic perfection, proportion and harmony. Together, his visual language, his intellectual rigour and his ceaseless exploration give rise to works that are subtle and refined, suggestive and poetic, forceful and rigorous, and at the same time, complex.

Particularly worthy of note is his consistency in the evolution and rigour of his aesthetic. Given the conceptual and theoretical depth of his work, he has often been described as a conceptualist artist who paints.

His work is characterised by the use and exploration of black colour and its interactions. For him, black serves as an energy field that gives rise to calligraphic elements, symbols, textures and matter. The reductionist features, together with his emphatic finishes and meticulous execution, create an extreme and profoundly dense conceptual sensitivity that beckons the viewer into reflection when contemplating his work.

Since his first exhibitions in 1971 in Barcelona and Italy, his work has been displayed constantly in art galleries and public and private spaces throughout Catalonia, Spain, Europe and the USA. He has also spent several periods of time working in Italy and New York, and his work has appeared at different art fairs around the world.

His work forms part of public and private collections around the world and can be seen in many museums, including the Museum of History of Girona, Princeton University Museum, Museum in Motion in Castello di San Pietro (Piacenza), and Museum of Art of Cadaqués; and in many art collections, such as those of the Government of Catalonia, the Girona Provincial Council, the “la Caixa” Foundation, the Avui newspaper, the Guttmann Foundation, the Carmen and Lluís Bassat Foundation, and the Vila Casas Foundation.


D. Escuder and E. Ansesa in Pals. 1976
E. Marquès and E. Ansesa in Girona. 1976
E. Ansesa and A. Tàpies in Fundació Miró, Barcelona. 1976
E. Ansesa and J. Colomer in Fontana d’Or, Girona. 1980
J. Faixò, E. Ansesa and D. Batallé in the sea of Palamós. 1980
E. Ansesa and A. Niebla in Girona. 1981
Ll. Bosch Martí, E. Ansesa, D. Fita, Ll. Mestres, T. Mallol and Puigvert in Girona. 1984
E. Ansesa and A. Gironella in Girona. 1986
E. Ansesa with his sons Oriol and Ferran in New York. 1991
F. Miralles, E. Ansesa and his son Oriol in New York. 1991
D. Batallé and E. Ansesa in Londres. 1995
P. Restany, Alegri, A. Puig and E. Ansesa in Barcelona. 1996
E. Bellati and E. Ansesa in Milano. 1997
A. Puig, E. Ansesa, Quirós, E. Sabater and F. Miralles in Oviedo. 1998
E. Ansesa, Planas, M. Martí Pol, M. Sans and R. Gil in Girona. 1999
D. Batallé, A. Puig, E. Ansesa and C. Villaubí in Sitges. 2007
J. Figueras, E. Ansesa and R. Planas in Girona. 2008
F. Dalmases, R. Planas, C. Mur and E. Ansesa in Vilajoan. 2008
X. Medina Campeny, E. Ansesa, Porta (Evru) and Muns in Llagostera. 2011
E. Ansesa and D. Giralt Miracle in galeria Imaginart, Barcelona. 2012
R. Vallbé, A. Vila Casas, JM Tresserras and M. Mumbrú in galeria Imaginart, Barcelona. 2012
Ll. Borràs, D. Karavan and E. Ansesa in Colera. 2012
A. Vila Casas and E. Ansesa in galeria Imaginart, Barcelona. 2012
E. Ansesa, Ll. Bassat and D. Batallé in Nau Gaudí, Mataró. 2014
M.Ll. Faxedas and E. Ansesa in Girona. 2015
R. Sanjuan in galeria Imaginart, Barcelona. 2016
J. Tarrés and E. Ansesa in Girona. 2016
E. Ansesa and B. Padilla in Vilabertran. 2017
Ll. Puig and E. Ansesa in Vilabertran. 2017
M. Crehuet, Ll. Bosch Martí, E. Ansesa, M. Costa and J. Casanovas in Girona. 2017
C. Sais, E. Ansesa and T. Álvarez in Girona. 2020
Q. Ayats, I. Guardiola and E. Ansesa in Girona. 2021
S. Wittevrongel, E. Ansesa and R. Bernabei in Vilafant. 2022
L. Haapala, P. Baena i E. Ansesa in the studio, Girona. 2023